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TGIF/Thank God It's (FriYAY) Friday

Woo glad it is Friday. I got my second Phizer vaccine on Wednesday, and Thursday I was feeling crappy. I did so well with the first dose, but I was told the second dose was more powerful. My youngest son and I went together and he was fine, he went to work after his shot and the next day he was fine. Me on the other hand not so fine. I had stomach cramps which I thought was because of the draining during my dialysis treatment. But, no it was not because it contained all day. I had a headache which I have not had in years. I used to be a migraine sufferer. I allows extremely tired on top of the already tired from Lupus Fatigue. My ears were stopped up, I felt like I was talking in a tunnel and my ears were stopped up. I also had a low grade fever. My sweet husband assured me that I will feel better in a couple of days, I totally did not believe him. So my entire day I slept and ate soup so I could take my medications. I woke up this morning feeling much better. No stomach cramps, headache or low grade fever. My ears are a little stopped up but nothing like yesterday. I am not as tired, but I can almost always take a nap just because I have lupus. But today is a new day and I will make the best of it. By the way, today is #PutOnPurple for Lupus! Put on some purple and send me a pic! tag me on Instagram #PopPic #PutOnPurple.

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