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Dialysis Diary

How do you respond to circumstances beyond your control?

I am so glad it is Friday..It has truly been a long week, a stressful week, a week where I had to totally go with the flow. I have been doing dialysis at home now for nine months. I do not love it, but it is keeping me alive so I have grown to like and appreciate doing it for my health. The one thing that gives me anxiety about doing dialysis at home is: What if I have to travel?? This week I was faced with that "What IF" I will not bore you with all the details but long story short, God answered my prayers and I did not have to travel after all. The circumstances that surrounded me was totally out of my control, I felt pressure, fear, stress and lots of anxiety. I truly did not know what to do, I was torn between staying or going. Finally, I had to stop looking at my circumstances and started looking to God for direction. Simply put into two words: "I PRAYED" God was in control and I sat back and watched Him do the work.

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